Nepal Earthquake Project

Over 3 million children are in danger. Please donate to our Nepal Earthquake Appeal and help save children's lives.


It has been one month since the first devastating earthquake shook Nepal. A second major quake struck on 12 May, leaving a total of 8,219 people dead and over 18,000 people injured. As a result, millions of children are in danger.

The second quake caused widespread panic in the already traumatised Kathmandu, where at least half a million Nepalese had lost their homes and were already living in makeshift camps; struggling simply to protect themselves from the sun and rain. As well as clean water, sanitation and vital medical supplies, we are also providing psychological support for children who are dealing with extreme stress.

As children and families face the aftermath of this disaster, water supplies are running low. The risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera is growing rapidly and at least 15,000 children with severe malnutrition need treatment. With the monsoon season only a few weeks away, children face greater risk of disease and infection. 

Newham Welfare Trust has over 20 staff working in Kathmandu and the surrounding area, delivering clean water and other life-saving supplies to children and families in danger. However, almost all of the hospitals in the affected districts have been destroyed and many of those in need are in remote areas. Your donation could help us save lives.